What rabbits are considered rare breeds?

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There are many different breeds of rabbits to choose from. Some of these breeds are very popular and this makes them easy to find. There is a movement among rabbit breeders to try and save some breeds of rabbits that are disappearing. What rabbits are considered rare rabbit breeds? Any breed that is in danger of dying out is considered rare.

The American Chinchilla breed is considered the rarest recognized rabbit breed. This is a large rabbit with adult weights for does ranging from 10 to 12 pounds, while bucks weigh in at 9 to 11 pounds. It is a very gentle rabbit that is easily handled. At one time the American Chinchilla was one of the most popular rabbit breeds in America. They were raised for primarily for the rabbit fur industry, even though they are a good meat rabbit. Their fur has four individual bands on each hair that form the silvery color of the coat. As the market for this beautiful fur died, so has the breed. Breeders are now working to recover this gentle giant.

The American rabbit breed is one of the breeds that are recovering thanks to the efforts of rabbit breeders. This is a breed that is recognized in two colors, white and blue. This is another large breed of rabbits with the same weights as the American Chinchilla. When the fur industry was so popular in the 1940’s, it paid top dollar for the rich, plush pelt of an American rabbit. This is a breed that is hardy, gentle and easy to keep. The does are good mothers that will have and raise large litters. Their ongoing recovery is due to dedicated breeders that are working to recover the breed.

The Belgian Hare is a unique looking rabbit. It is a full arch breed, which means that the body is arched up and you can see under the rabbit easily. These are large, racy looking rabbits that are shown moving rather than poised. They are amusing to watch as they bound back and forth on the show table. They move very fast and are considered rather flighty. Because of the build of the rabbits, people that are unfamiliar with the breed might consider the rabbit to be starved. The truth is that they rabbit is bred to be thin and racy looking.

The Blanc de Hotot is a large white rabbit with a black band around each eye. The breed has been around for some time, but has been overlooked by breeders for some reason. Recent efforts have been made to make sure that the breed is not lost. The Blanc de Hotot was uses to form the Dwarf Hotot breed, which became more popular with rabbit owners. The pelt of the breed has long guard hairs that give it a shiny, silky look. With the drop of the use of rabbit fur, the breed has suffered a loss of breeders.

There are a few other breeds that are in danger of disappearing, but these are considered among the rarest of the rabbit breeds. They have been an important part of American history at one time or another. It is important that these breeds are protected and not allowed to die out. The next time someone asks you what rabbit breeds are considered rare rabbit breeds, you can tell them about these breeds.

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