Have You Ever Imagined Pet Therapy With Rabbits?

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Have you ever imagined pet therapy with rabbits? Let me introduce you to a pair of very unique 8 pound Angora bunnies ... Celebrity Rabbits, William and Shakespeare!!!

If you are a rabbit enthusiast, you may have already read about them online at www.smallanimalchannel.com --- or perhaps in the national publication, Rabbits USA. Suffice it to say, there is 'nobunny' like them!

Throughout the nation's capital (and surrounding suburbs of Maryland and Virginia) Willy and Shakes -- as they are affectionately known -- have become really famous. They spend their free time visiting pediatric hospitals to comfort children, and hopping through nursing homes and hospice care to share a hug. Giving love is what they do best. News media is often smitten with them, so it's no wonder they receive lots of publicity.

Most people have heard of therapy dogs, but pet therapy with rabbits (yes, they are litter box trained) might just be a popular trend of the future!

These two special buns definitely get around. As ambassadors who are helping to promote the humane treatment of all animals -- you might even be lucky enough to receive a pawtograph from William and Shakespeare at an event hosted by the Humane Society. This is, of course, an issue dear to their bunny hearts, since they were once abandoned before finally being adopted from an animal shelter themselves. Today, Willy and Shakes lead very charmed lives ... but it wasn't always that way. So, they assist in bringing awareness to the worthwhile mission of The Humane Society

Multi-tasking bunnies that they are, in 2011, Willy and Shakes also became children's authors. The fuzzy siblings conceptualized a series of eight picture books. Doing a pet therapy visit at a children's Braille book club -- at Washington DC's main public library -- where vision-impaired kids (aged 6-10) got to touch and hold a live bunny for the first time --- the ambitious Angoras were inspired to debut their book THERAPY BUNS in a talking-book format for the blind. It was voiced by literacy advocate (and also founder of the gourmet chocolate chip cookie) Wally 'Famous' Amos. An instant hit !!!

Watch for William and Shakespeare's book (coming out in print, later this year) and learn more about the unusual habits of these celebrity rabbits!

Get a glimpse of them on You Tube by searching: Celebrity Rabbits William and Shakespeare. They have taken community service to a whole new level of happiness (and hoppiness)!

If you own a bunny who you think might be a great candidate for helping others through pet therapy, you can get more information by contacting the experts and editors of the publication RABBITS USA or go to their website to obtain a copy of their 2011 issue featuring William and Shakespeare. Lots of helpful hints are included which will help you determine if your pet is right for the job. If you prefer to write to the magazine, you may reach them at: PO Box 6050 Mission Viejo, CA 92690 or contact them by phone: (949) 855-8822


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