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When purchasing a pet rabbit from anywhere you must gain some knowledge on what you are getting yourselves into. Are you looking for a pet for your child or yourself? Rabbits do not make good pets for children as they scare easily and have a chance at scratching or biting your child without the intention of hurting them. You must research rabbits and the care it requires before you purchase one.

Caring for a rabbit doesn't come easily, you will need to decide what breed you want, if you want an indoor or an outdoor rabbit. Let's start with the Mini Lops, a perfect choice for an indoor rabbit. They are smaller, cute and a quit breed that doesn't require much grooming unlike the Lion Head rabbits. When getting your first Mini Lop you need to then get a cage that will be big enough for him/her. You want to make sure you also purchase food bowls, bedding, water bottle and food.

When it comes to buying food for your rabbit you need to make sure you buy timothy hay as well, considering a rabbits diet should be made up of at least 75% hay and the rest pellets or chosen greens such as, lettuce or spinach. Choosing chew toys is also important in caring for you pet rabbit. Their teeth grow throughout their whole life, so if you don't provide them with something to chew on like wood, their teeth will become over grown and you will need to take a trip to the vet's office.

Rabbits are easy to care for if you have the knowledge in caring for your pet rabbit. They are quit like a cat in many ways, they can be litter box trained, walked on harnesses and even entered in shows if they are purebred. Rabbit care comes easily when you know what you are doing, that is what this writing material is about.

Bringing your rabbit home for the first time you need to create a quiet place to put his/her cage, place down the bedding, fill the food bowl with the pelleted diet you bought and give him/her hay and his/her chew sticks and water bottle, with water in it. Let your new bunny calm down and explore his/her new cage, you don't want to overwhelm him/her right when you arrive at home. Tell friends to stay away for a day or two, too much attention and handling can also stress out a rabbit.

Another thing to keep in mind when getting a rabbit is if you have other animals in the house who do not like rabbits. Keep an eye on them, if your rabbit gets out the other pets have a chance at scaring him/her. A rabbit can have a massive heart attack and pass away if he/she gets too scared. If you have pets who will terrorize the rabbit it may be best not to get one.

Caring for your pet rabbit is a great way to develop responsibility, but like I stated above they do not make good pets for young children. If you do have young kids in the household then you might want to place your rabbit out of reach from the kids so they don't terrorize him/her. Children can be rough with rabbits, and ones like Mini Lops are fragile and on the smaller side of the rabbit breeds.

A rabbit is much more than just a pet to place in a cage, you need to do extensive research on these little critters before purchasing one. The information I provided here is just a little sneak peak into what it's like caring for a new rabbit.

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