What are some tips for caring for foxes as pets?

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As someone who is considering a fox as a pet, you might be wondering what you would need to do to care for them. Foxes have often been described as a giant kitten; although, they can also be described as a mixture between a puppy and a kitty. Knowing a vet who will care for your fox is also important when owning a fox. It is important that they get their checkups.

Here are some tips for caring for foxes as pets:

Tip #1 Must Be Fenced In: When you care for a fox as a pet, you need it to be fenced in outdoors, or it might run away. Also, it might run off and kill other pets. At the least, make sure that your fox is on a leash when taking it outdoors.

Tip #2 Brush Your Fox: Foxes are fully capable of brushing themselves, but grooming them yourself increases your bonding with the animal. During the summer months, your fox will shed fur a lot more. However, how much fur is shed is going to depend on the breed of fox that you choose to buy.

Tip #3 Bury The Fence Three Feet Deep And Top It Off: You want to do this is because otherwise, the fox will be able to jump over the top of the fence. They can also dig deep, so it is important to make sure they can not get out. A big dog house is good for a fox you plan to keep outdoors. Fill it with blankets or straw to help keep him warm. Also, you want to give your fox lots of toys and a heavy water dish. Like a dog, foxes need a heavy water dish because otherwise, they can tip it over easy from drinking it.

Tip #4 Exercise Your Fox Regularly: In order to keep your fox happy, you need to exercise him regularly. Foxes as pets have a high amount of energy, even more than a cat or dog. Realistically, a fox needs around an hour to two hours of exercise everyday. This is why you should carefully consider whether you could keep up with that demand. Don't buy a pet fox just because you think it'd be cool. You also need to brush its teeth to help to prevent tooth rot.

Tip #5 Know The Laws And Regulations Of Your State: In many states, it is illegal to take a fox from the wild and keep it as a pet. This because it can be dangerous, and you might even be arrested. In some cases, your fox would be killed. You might be required to provide proof of your fox being a pet, so it is important to hang onto the receipt.

Doing your research before buying a fox is important because you want to be informed. For those who have gone into it, some have even said that it is more rewarding than owning a cat or dog. Foxes make great pets, and an added bonus, they can be trained to use a litter box. They are the perfect mixture between a cat and a dog.

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