What is it like and how easy is it owning a pet hedgehog?

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You are the type of person who doesn't want a common house pet. You love dogs and cats, but there are various unique animal types that you can own as a pet! Have you ever thought about owning a pet hedgehog? Well, you may be thinking that they are hard to take care of, but they are just as easy as a hamster or guinea pig. If you want to care for a pet hedgehog, here are some simple guidelines and tips to follow to keep your prickly friend healthy and happy in your home.

Hedgehogs are about the size of a guinea pig, so they will need a large cage. The cage can contain a fleece blanket, or a hamster bedding for the hedgehog to keep warm. They are nocturnal creatures, so you won't be seeing much of your pet during the day.

At night, your hedgehog will need his/her exercise. Make sure there is a sizable wheel they your pet can run on. You can find a soundproof wheel so that if you keep you hedgehog in your room at night, you can sleep peacefully.

To eat, keep a food bowl and a water bowl in the cage always. Hedgehogs eat various types of food, either dry cat food, mealworms, and even fruit. But be careful! Hedgehogs can be picky eaters and skip meals from time to time, or refuse something you feed them. This isn't a big problem. You will just need to pay close attention for the next few nights to your pet's eating schedule. If your pet continues to skip meals, take him/her to a vet right away.

As for water, keep a full water bowl or bottle in the cage at all times. A water bottle is highly recommend more than a bowl so that the water stays cleaner for you pet.

When it comes to your pet going to the bathroom, things can get messy. Your pet will go to the bathroom anywhere he/she roams. You can teach your pet to use a litter box to keep the cage a little cleaner, but that doesn't guarantee a perfectly clean cage all of the time. Make sure you clean the cage once a week to rid of all pet messes. After cleaning the cage, your pet can enjoy a clean cage with clean toys to play with.

They enjoy pushing around a ball or playing with a toilet paper tube. Be careful with the tube, however! Your pet may push their head in the tube and get stuck.

If you want to clean your pet, you can give him/her a bath every two weeks to a month. Fill a small tub with a pinky length of warm water. You can squeeze a drop of Aveno soap into the water and mix it around. Then, use a toothbrush, gently brushing down the spikes (not up), to rid the spikes of any dirt. You can use your fingers to gently rub soap on your pet's belly. Then your pet will be squeaky clean!

So, thinking about the perfect animal to care for, owning a pet hedgehog is an easy and fun pet to keep you company! Being sweet and loving animals, they will be a perfect addition to your family.

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